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How can I send you my own custom designs?

As of now, we have no way for you to upload your own designs right from our webpage.  Instead, email us with your design attached and we will charge you accordingly!  

Can I order items in any other colors or patterns?
No, all colors and patterns for each item are provided.  No additional colors/patterns will be available for use.
​How Do I Place An Order?​

We do not support ordering from the cart. Each order must be placed by clicking the "Buy" button on each individual product. This directly links you to VE International and VEI will add up the purchase accordingly.


Payment & Shipping

Total Cost:         Shipping Amount:

$0-$10               $1.25

$10-$20             $2.50

$20-$30             $5

$30-$40             $7.50

$40-$50             $10

$50-$100           $12.50

$100-$200         $25

$200-$500         $50

$500+                $120



Returns & Refunds

All are currently unavailable. As this is a virtual company, we hope you enjoy your products!



Thank you for shopping with us!

This website is part of a virtual company for educational purposes only.

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